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What gave you success at one development stage want work at the next

One of the key interesting things in the startup venture game is that you take in money to force rapid growth meaning faster than what is organic possible. 
In a startup, it is therefore extremely important to keep working with your organisation in order to be ahead of the curve and ready for the next development stages.
One of the trickiest parts here is the development stages and how the values are changing and competing for each step, meaning for instance what gave you success as a founder at one development stage want work at the next and you will, therefore, have to keep learning and unlearning all the time


Our recent post on the Startup Growth Journey

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    Super-charge your startup culture and leadership to elevate your growth stage

    September 23, 202o

    Or why unlearning is key to success in startup
    There is tremendous potential in supercharging your startup culture.


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    Fintech: Financial wellness for hourly-paid and gig workersButter gives you happier employees, by reducing their financial stress and giving an understanding of their salary and financial situation

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    Fintech: Social zero-commission trading.Pluto is enabling everyone to invest in 4.000+ US shares (Scandinavian stocks are being added in 2022) for as little as $1. Invest in fractions of shares without the complexity. We know it can be hard to get started - so why not create an investment club with your closest friends to leverage each other?

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    Legaltech: MarketplaceRightstars connect people and businesses with legal problems to our network of independent lawyers by giving access to justice in a transparent, simple, and friendly way. At the Justice Valley, your actions will contribute to the good of the entire community!
    Righstars are based in Barcelona

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    Healtcare tech: D2C: customised skincareNøie is customised skincare based on individual skin profiles, scientifically proven ingredients, and shared knowledge within a community united by similar issues. Our mission is to increase the quality of life for people with skin concerns and to create a new honesty about a taboo issue. We aim to achieve this by reinventing how skincare is designed and produced today. 

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    Impact FintechMatter is revolutionizing sustainability analysis and reporting in the financial industry. Make capital work for planet & people. 

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    GoLittle ApS

    Sound for kids and Mambeno meal planning serviceMaking life easier for kids' families. 

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    Livingroom Analytics

    Saas HRTechLivingroom Analytics is the new, groundbreaking platform for measuring and improving employee engagement. 

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    Ear Labs

    Consumer Electronics Fueled by passion and boosted by technology Ear Labs design, develop, and market uncompromised hearing health products for our customers' everyday lives. 
    Ear Labs are based in Sweden

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    Proptech: digital realtorRealtor tech startup, smarter, cheaper, and better.

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    MedTechEnabling healthcare professionals to legally record, store and retrieve patient images using a mobile phone

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    High-tech robotics Solutions for vertical farming. Seasony brings the dream of local food production to life.