It is all about potential

It is all about potential

Top candidates accept jobs based on five criteria's:

  1. The strength of the job match
  2. The leadership skill of the hiring manager
  3. The quality of the team members
  4. The connection between the job and the company
  5. The compensation


We are inspired by Lou Adler's Performance-based Hiring.

We design the optimal recruitment process to fit your specific need.

We work with transparency and define every step on the way with a clear timeline.


The recruitment process is divided into four process steps:

1. Performance Profiles:

Define success, not skills:

"Knowing what to look for is key to know when you have found it"

Through a thorough job analysis we conduct clear performance profiles build on SMARTe objectives to secure alignment and clarify expectations:

Specific: How will the hired person contributed to the overall success of the company
Measurable: Clear KPI's - percentage or amounts
Action-oriented: Needed actions To succeed (build, improve, change, deliver)
Results: What needs to happen to succeed
Time-bound: Timeline for deliverables
environment: Company culture, pace, available resources, and politics


2. Talent Centric Sourcing:

Identifying the market's best active and passive candidates:

We drive recruitment processes from a-z - one assignment one consultant (one point of contact)

"Offer careers, not jobs"

  • We write job ads based on the performance needed in the job not personal descriptions base on expected qualifications and experience so that it is clear how you can succeed in the job.
  • When advertising we make sure to give optimal attention to our clients, therefor you will not see a job board on our site. We are closely communicating with our network and will actively make sure that they are aware of relevant opportunities
  • We define the search and selection strategy based on the specific recruitment (direct sourcing - cold calls, LinkedIn, databases, internet-based advertising, referrals/informers, college, diversity, campaigns/career events or recruitment partner).
  • We work with total transparency meaning that all activity (longlist etc.) and market feedback (positive as negative) are shared with our clients so that you not only know that you will meet the markets top talent, you will also have access to every step of the way.


3. Evidence-based Interviewing and assessment:

Hiring success formula = talent * motivation * comparable past performance * job-specific problem solving * environment fit

  • Trough interviews we dig deep into the candidate's concrete obtained results to clarify potentials for development and behavioural traits
  • We use the markets best test tools (personal, problem-solving and critical thinking) and design job cases for the specific recruitment
  • We evaluate and select candidates together with the hiring manager based on the performance profile and a 10-factor assessment scheme to predict successful performance instead of gut feeling and subjective criteria
  • We know that competences, motivation and cultural fit go hand-in-hand


4. Integrated Recruiting:

It starts by making a compelling opportunity

We make recruiting, negotiating offers, and closing a natural, integrated part of each step in the hiring process. These subjects are not to be saved for last but should be a natural part of each process step so that the right candidates take your offer based on opportunity rather than compensation, this way you will overwhelm the competition and minimize counteroffers vulnerability.